Picture above: Climate change and land use change impacts on mercury and methyl mercury fluxes and bioaccumulation.

A Non-Toxic Environment

The environmental objective "A Non-Toxic Environment" is set to ensure that the environment is free from man-made or extracted compounds and metals that represent a threat to human health or biological diversity.

This means that concentrations of naturally occurring substances in the environment will be close to background levels, and that concentrations of non-naturally occurring substances in the environment will be close to zero and their impacts on ecosystems will be negligible. All fish in Swedish seas, lakes and watercourses will be fit for human consumption with respect to their content of non-naturally occurring substances.

How does the CLEO research support the environmental objective "A Non-Toxic Environment"?
The CLEO research in this area is focused on mercury and specifically how leaching of mercury and methyl mercury leaching from forest soils to surface waters will be affected by climate change. Evaluation of empirical and experimental data from established catchment sites will be made (Project 2.1, Cluster 2). For integration and predictions, a GIS-based model approach will be used to derive future scenarios of mercury and methyl mercury leaching for different climate and land use scenarios (Project 3.5, Cluster 3).

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Updated: 2010-10-15
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