Picture above: Current and future near-surface O3 concentration.

Clean Air

The environmental objective "Clean Air" is set to ensure that concentrations of air pollutants do not exceed target values for protection of human health and effects on plants, animals, materials and cultural heritage objects.

How does the CLEO research support the environmental objective Clean Air?
CLEO will provide an improved knowledge on how climate will influence transport and transformations of air pollutants in Sweden. With changed temperatures and wind patterns, the transport and deposition of pollutants will change. This will influence both concentrations of air pollutants of concern for human health and vegetation, as well as deposition of pollutants which can cause ecosystem damages. The CLEO research is focused on atmospheric dispersion and deposition for climate change scenarios (Project 3.1, Cluster 3), local variability of ozone effects on vegetation (Project 2.3, Cluster 2) and climate change influence on formation on formation of secondary organic aerosols (Project 2.4, Cluster 2).). Emission scenarios for air pollutants are also developed in CLEO (Project 1.3, Cluster 1).
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Updated: 2010-10-15
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